The base kit consists of everything you need to complete the airframe, ready for engine, avionics, and other accessories. 


Base kit contents:

  • Airframe: fuselage, wings, spoilers, flaps, ailerons, rudder, elevator (many aspects pre-assembled)

  • Engine mount (Rotax or D-Motor)

  • Carbon fiber cowling and fairings

  • Instrument panel (not drilled)

  • Doors, windows, windshield (Lexan)

  • All control linkage and cables

  • Fuel tanks and lines 

  • Landing gear, brakes, brake lines, tires

  • Seats - Fabric covered foam with G1 logo

  • Carpet

  • All applicable hardware

Parts required to complete the aircraft: 

(these are options you will need to add to your order with us, or supply on your own)

  • Engine, engine mount always included but design fee for alternate engine, oil, coolant

  • Propeller

  • Avionics, radios

  • Wiring and electrical components (engine and avionics specific)

  • Parachute

  • Supplies:  tape, thread-lock, and other general construction supplies

  • Tools

Other options and upgrades are also available, such as extended fuel tanks, position/strobe/landing lights, floats, etc. Download our PDF price sheet (below) for full details.


Paint is not part of the kit, and is not supplied by us. We can recommend suppliers and options if you need it.

Prices are based on Euro and US$ exchange rates on January First 2021. (Price-list subject to modification without notice or online updates) For an up to date price list please send an Email to
Shipping during Covid may varies weekly. We will do our best to get the best quote.