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The Name Says it All !


Here's the Facts !

  • SUPER STOL Carracterisrics ​

          -  Land and Take Off in 60-100ft

          -  Designed for flight in the mountains !

  • Foldable Wings (10 min)

  • 48 " Cabin width - Super Confortable

  • Exceptional Visibility

           - Clear Doors

           - Windshield Dips to Meet Doors.

           - Clear Overhead Panel.

Built Strong !

  • Safety Cage  -  Welded Square Tube Safety Cabin

  • Wing  - Dual Spars and Extruded Airfoil Struts

  • Tail - 7 Bulkheads with 5 Stringers

  • Composite - High Quality Vacuum Bagged Epoxy infused fiberglass Parts. Carbon Fiber Engine cowling

  • Rugged landing Gear Designed for off-Field Landings

  • Structures and Skins Made from aluminum 

Why Buy a G1 ?

Great Aircraft - Great Company !

Awesome Product !

The G1 STOL is for Pilots Looking for an Affordable, Ultra Quick-build Aircraft. It is a Rugged, Safe Backcountry Capable Aircraft with impressive specs.

Roadable Portability and Compact Storage with our Fantastic Foldable Wing Design is a Major Bonus.

Excellent Services

G1 Takes Pride on our Products and Services. You get an Aircraft with Great Capabilities and you get access to a fantastic support team. We will make sure you have everything you need for a successful build.

300 Hours Build Time

Easily the shortest build time of all comparable kits in this class. We know many builders that enjoy their time during the building process, but we don't know any builders that want to take forever to complete their airplane. If you love building and flying, the G1 STOL will not disappoint you.


Additional Support

We're here to Help !

  • We've been in the aviation business for decades. We provide great support services either via email or phone.

  • Our expertise is based on education and day to day aviation based problem solving.

  • We provide support in cooperation with  our French team from G1 Aviation France.

  • The G1 STOL has been designed with two engine firewall packages. D-Motor LF-26 95hp & LF-39 125hp and Rotax 912 Series.

  • We have Engineers than can design custom engine mounts.

  • We are the master distributor of D-Motor engines as well.


© 2019 by L.Neels and David P

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