How does G1 STOL compare to Zenith CH 701 & CH 750?



Zenith CH701

The G1 is not a copy of the Zenith 701/750 series STOL planes, as outlined in our FAQ here.  However, due to the rarity of nose-wheel STOL designs in the industry, and the similar appearance (at a glance) of the G1 STOL and Zenith 701/750, we offer a side by side comparison of specs and features here to help pilots easily see the differences as they evaluate what is a good fit for them.


First of all, you can see a very different profile from the photos below. The most notable differences are the tail (rudder, horizontal stabilizer airfoil, etc), the wing airfoil (and use of slats required on the Zenith), and the contoured fuselage (verses sharp corners/boxy).


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G1 STOL Quick Built Less trailer


Zenith CH 701 Quick Built