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Custom Build a G1 STOL in Just ONE Week !!

US $8,000

NOW for


Building your own aircraft in 1 week...

You will succeed! Spend one dynamic week at our facility and finish your very own aircraft. Allow our skilled team to assist you with your building experience!

What you will be doing during your build week:

  • Complete the advanced G1 air frame kit

  • Install landing gear, tires and brakes

  • Install carpets, Lexan Doors and Windshield and install seats

  • Complete, install and set up the wings

  • Install Trim and Flap Actuators

  • Complete and install the tail sections

  • and more...

  • Complete a detailed inspection of the aircraft

  • Complete a detailed building process logbook with pictures and drawings

  • One Hour Complementary Transition flight with our Factory Demo Aircraft

Our One Week Builder Assistance Program is offered exclusively at our factory, located in Dorchester, Ontario Canada. G1 Aviation has many years experience building quality, affordable light aircraft. St.Thomas Airport (CYQS) is located in the beautiful Lake Erie area of Southwestern Ontario. So bring your family and let them relax on the beach when you have fun with us... 

Who this program for:

For US residents - for aircraft registration under the FAA Experimental/AB category

For Canadian residents - for aircraft registration under the Transport Canada Experimental or Advance Ultralight.

Once you arrive at our shop, your Quick Built Kit (advanced 49% kit) will be waiting for you. Our professional technicians will assist you in finishing your aircraft. 

The wings & tail are then removed from the aircraft for the trip home (on a trailer or in a transport truck); once home, you'll  re-assemble the aircraft, install the engine, paint, have it inspected, register it, and fly it!

​How we do it:

G1 America will provide a fully-equipped shop with everything needed to complete your aircraft. Experienced staff will take you through all the different kit assembly processes during one week. You will succeed...

Spend 100% of your time assembling your aircraft (no time spent trying to understand what to do next or looking for tools or parts, which can take up a large portion of the building time).

What if I want the Engine and instruments installed: 

Well, we decided to offer a one week program to assist builders in the assembly process of the fuselage and wings but now we do offer a ready to fly program. This program is based on two weeks Process. G1 America will provide all the support to get your airplane Ready To Fly in our Facility. So, you will be involved in the building process from the start to the taxi Test ! You still have the transition training flights with our Test Pilot.

Builder Assist Programs cost:

"The ONE Week Builder Assist Package" :


Program is US $8,000 + Advanced Kit is US $39,500

Total for the program is US $47,500

(no engine, no instruments)

"The TWO weeks Ready To Fly Builder Assist Program Package": 

Program is US $78,500

(includes engine (Rotax 912 80hp or D-Motor LF-26 90hp), instruments Package List 1)

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