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G1 America is the official American dealer for G1 Aviation of France.

The G1 STOL is a renamed version of the French G1 SPYL, for distribution in America. G1 STOL will be
available as an Advanced Quick Build Kit that meets FAA Regulations. The First G1 STOL in North America
was delivered in December 2019 and will make its first demo flight at SUN 'n FUN 2020.

Get ready for an exciting new entry into the STOL category for America!

The Team

G1 America was founded by Lionel. Lionel also helped D-Motor-USA to distribute D-Motor engines in America. The G1 STOL supports multiple engines.

Lionel is from Belgium and has been working in the aviation industry for many years.

He was part of the NATO as an Air Traffic Controller. He moved in Canada in 2016.

Lionel built Aluminum Kits and wooden Airplanes, and is very excited to make D-Motor engines and the G1 STOL available to pilots across America.

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The Story
In 2019, founder Lionel established a relationship with G1 Aviation in France in an effort to further develop his business in D-Motor engine distribution. The D-Motor LF-26 was a perfect match for G1 SPYL, and G1-America was formed in order to make the G1 available to customers in America.
G1 evolution

​2006-2007 – G1 Aviation is established by Serge Présent and Yvan Lhermitte and creates the “G1 Gélinotte”, derived from the Italian-designed Alisport Yuma airplane with several design improvements.
Manufacturing is also established using CNC.

2008 - G1 develops new wings, reduces empty weight, developed smoother controls, more efficient ailerons, designed easily foldable wings, and added curved Lexan doors for a 48" Wide Cabin.

2010 – G1 SPYL is created with several significant improvements over the prior “Gélinotte” model to reduce weight, increase speed, and allow for modern and popular engines, including Rotax “IS” and D-Motor LF-26 & LF39. D-Motor engines prove to be quieter, fuel efficient, and excellent performers.

2019 – G1 America is formed and a plan is made for the G1 SPYL to be distributed in America as “G1 STOL”. Approvedl for FAA 51% rule “Advanced Quick Build” kits January 2020.

2020- G1 America sign a partnership with Mark Mellicker. Mark is in charge of all customers in the USA but also offers a completion center and demo flight in illinois. Mark flies a G1 STOL equiped with a Yamaha Snow mobile conversion Engine with 140HP.